The Avengers Wiki
Gender Male
Nationality English
Occupation Government official
Series information
First appearance The Forget-Me-Knot
Portrayed by Patrick Newell (series)
Jim Broadbent (film)

Mother is a government official who is responsible for giving John Steed his missions. Mother is shown to require the use of a wheelchair.


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The Avengers (film)[]

Mother is the director of Ministry of Elite Intelligence. He was chosen for the director position over Father which is responsible for causing infighting at the ministry. Mother assigns John Steed and Dr. Emma Peel to investigate who is the real culprit behind destroying the Prospero Program. Even though the ministry has video evidence Showing that Mrs. Peel is responsible for the destruction of the program, Mother Allows her to assist in the investigation because he believes that former Ministry agent sir August de Wynter is the mastermind behind the attack.